Ready to Declare Your American Status?

Steps and Guidance

This page provides steps, a list of supplies needed, instructions and paperwork options to correct your status. The first section includes quick links to instructions and paperwork and/or follow the steps, guidance and links below. Click on each section title for dropdown information.  

Quick links:
Download Instructions - For completing the Basic Paperwork, Recording, Publishing, Fees, Creating your LRO account and How to Autograph

All Basic Paperwork in Word, Pages (MAC), or PDF printable format, choose appropriate form for Recording Secretary or State of State Notary.
1779 Paperwork

and if applicable:

928 Paperwork - Note: scroll down on the linked page, for more documents.

Have questions?  Contact the coordinator

Supplies you will need
- Access to a computer
(or someone who can operate one for you)
- Paper and Printer
- Three Passport Quality Photos
(Clean white background, NO glasses or headgear)

Recording Supplies:

- One Blue Pen
- One Red Pen
- Red Fingerprint Ink Pad (for your thumbprint)

- A Notary Public
(Typically your bank or credit union will offer this service)
- Your Assembly Recording Secretary (remotely or in person)

- Two Priority Envelopes and Postage
- (for paperwork recorded remotely or by a Notary) to mail documents to your assembly, one will be a self addressed return envelope, so your documents can be published and returned to you.


Supplies you may need later, after declaring your status:

Registered mail letters:
- Click here for instruction pdf with a list of supplies, (you may be mailing 3-5 letters if applicable)

Download ASN/ASC Checklist and Status Definitions:
- To track paperwork progress 
- Read definitions to learn about each political status
- Choose your status

1779 Declaration Paperwork

A sample page is provided first, in each 1779 form below.  Do Not change any core content on the 1779 templates! 

Click on one appropriate category below, then appropriate red link, download editable pdf form, fill in applicable fields per instructions and print. (Do not fill in anything else and do not sign, you will do this when recording/notarizing) or click Interactive Form Generator.

You will also need the following:
(If you used the Interactive Form Generator, you already have the Two Witness Testimony forms)

Witness Testimony Affirmation (Two Witnesses) - Recording Secretary
Witness Testimony Affirmation (Two Witnesses) - State of State Notary

Birth Certificate or Naturalization Certificate - one copy

Contact and Credential form - for Internal Connecticut Assembly use only, please fill in contact information, attach photo and thumbprint - Download form

Optional: Sign in America Course - Not required to declare your status but
is required to participate in the Sign in America Program. This course can be taken anytime - the fee is $25.00.

Complete 1779 Declaration forms first before your 928 forms. 
Do Not change any core content on the 928 templates! 
Note: American State Nationals - 928 Documents are not required but give added protection.

Click on 928s - button below;  for downloadble forms, and interactive online forms. (There are additional forms you may need on the linked page, as you scroll down.)

Create your own profile on the Land Recording Office (LRO) system. It is an open-source platform, owned and operated by The United States of America (an unincorporated Federation).

This is where you will pay your recording, publishing and credential card fees and upload your information, photo, thumbprint. Note: Your picture and thumb print images will be used for your credential card and should be cropped to 600 x 750 dpi for the best appearance. Instructions

Pay fees
Fees for Services for The Connecticut Assembly and Publishing on LRO.

• Recording with a Recording Secretary: $25 for a bundle
• Publishing of your documents on the Land Recording Office: $25
• Any subsequent documents you wish to Record: $10 each or $25 for a bundle.
• Any subsequent documents you wish to Publish: $10 each or $25 for a bundle.
• Document Preparation professionally done by a Recording Secretary: $50
• Credential Card: fee is $50
If you need assistance with fees, please don’t hesitate to let us know!!

See Instruction sheet* to schedule recording with an Assembly Recording Secretary.** **Remote Recording - email digital paperwork to your recording secretary prior to your appointment for review along with any Status / Paperwork / Assembly questions not answered on our FAQ page.
Go to a State of State Notary to record your paperwork, usually your bank.

*Your instruction sheet shows how to properly autograph your documents during recording.

Your Recording and Publishing options are:
1. The Assembly (through an online system called LRO-Land Recording Office) or,
2. State County Recorder. From a town hall.*

*If choosing option 2 - you will not be a member of our assembly, once your documents
are on the public record, your status is changed! If you would like to then join the Assembly, please contact us
and send us a copy of your paperwork.

After your documents are completed, you will need to mail them and your letters if applicable, (there are letter templates for each) to appropriate “incorporated” entities. This is so your corrected status is on the public record and provided as evidence, in case you ever need to advise your government employees of your corrected status at a future time.

Mailing your Documents for Publishing
If you have Recorded your documents with a Notary or remotely with an Assembly Recording Secretary:

Mail original documents, and if applicable your Declaration of Political Status and copies of both Revocation of taxes, and Voter Cancellation letters to your Recording Secretary for publishing.

Do Not fold documents, use a Priority Mail envelope to mail.

Include a Second self addressed Priority Mail envelope
for your published documents to be returned to you. Ask the Post office for Priority envelope return postage, and a tracking label.

Self address the second Priority Mail envelope, place postage and tracking label on it, keep your part of the tracking label and fold the envelope to fit in the Priority Mail envelope you are mailing.


Letters (if applicable) to Send Registered Mail
to complete the following four letters - five if you are a Veteran
Pdf Instructions

Military Cancellation - If Veteran - All Branches
Thank you for your service!
Information and letter *
*Scroll all the way to the bottom for a letter template,

Voter Cancellation - Instructions and Letter Template
You can send this Priority Mail or
go to your local Voter Registration Office.

Declaration of Political Status - Form link
One letter and document – send each by Registered Mail to:

Antony J. Blinken
Office of the Secretary of State
2201 C Street, NW
Washington. D.C. 20520

Revocation of NY/DC Taxes - Forms and Instructions (At this link you can download forms at bottom of the Instructions)
One letter for each address – send each by Registered Mail to:

Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service

Department of the Treasury
P.O. Box 480 Holtsville, New York 11742

Internal Revenue Office of the Commissioner

Room 3000 1111 Constitution Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20224

Baby Deed Form link -
One cover letter and Baby Deed – Send by Registered Mail
to the state where you child was born.

If your child was born in Connecticut:
Stephanie Thomas
Office of the Secretary of the State
P.O. Box 150470
165 Capitol Avenue Suite 1000
Hartford, CT 06115-0470

Once these previous eight steps are completed you may view your declared American status from either E-Verify or the American State National Land Recording (LRO) system.

The previous steps will guide you through your paperwork, but professional document preparation is available for a fee.  Click the button below or contact your Recording Secretary for more information, using the instruction sheet button below.