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First and most important, the birth certificate is evidence of fraud and trafficking and has been used as an instrument against all Birthright Americans who were issued a Birth Certificate that was Registered with the Probate. All Americans were born as State Nationals of their State. We are not born as Federal U.S. Citizens. U.S. Citizenship is a creation of Congress as a means to sever people from their birthright sovereignty and to reduce Constitutionally protected God Given Rights into “granted” civil rights, mere privileges, which can be suspended or revoked at their discretion.

 Living as a free and sovereign American, and being solely responsible for your own actions, with limited responsibilities such as keeping the peace, upholding the Public Law and reporting actual crimes against your neighbors to the State Assembly and to the Peace Keeping Officers and Officials established by Assembly elections or Appointments.

Yes. You can do a Baby Deed.
If your grandchild is an adult, over 21, you can still file a baby deed which is a rebuttal against their birth certificate, but it will not change your adult child or grandchild’s status. As an adult they would do their own paperwork to change their status.

In most cases yes, but every situation is different. The standard process is the same in most cases, but some specific documents are for specific situations. Part of screening is determining how best to proceed, we are all learning, each time we find something new we learn how to help, if possible. In some cases people need to take care of certain issues with their own Country of origin, but adopting a State as your permanent home is a process, open to most people regardless of country of origin.

 Yes. If your business is incorporated, dissolve the Corporation, S Corp, LLC or what have you and re-establish it as a private family business engaging in lawful trade.

Self Governance as described in our founding documents is a Republican form of Government of, for and by the People. That is us and this is how we do that. By Assembling, electing and appointing and delegating under strict Contracts. 

Social Security Number – Once you complete all your paperwork that number belongs to you are free to use it without fear.

Social Security income – You paid into the social security income program, therefore you are entitled to receive your payments back. That cannot be taken away from you.

No matter where your retirement comes from, it’s yours because you paid into it. It is safe and you are entitled to it. Correcting your status does not nullify your retirement.

Same as Social Security. You paid into it and correcting your status does not affect your Medicare coverage.

You are entitled to all your employee benefits. That does not change when you correct your status.

You can still obtain healthcare coverage and you cannot be refused care because you corrected your status.

You paid into these systems and programs while you were working and therefore you were entitled to those benefits. Once you correct your political status you should, if you can, stop participating in these programs but consult with your State Assembly Coordinator.

Once your political status is corrected you are eligible for the Sign in America Debt Relief Program. Contact your Sign In America Coordinator for more information.

No! Going back to try and recover what you’ve already paid puts you back in the maritime jurisdiction and puts you at risk, and it can also put your status at risk. This could also potentially leave you stateless. Once you are out of the maritime jurisdiction, you don’t want to go back. What’s past is water under the bridge. You’ve gained your freedom. Move forward.

You are free to keep using your accounts and credit cards. Soon The Global Family Bank will be open and operating in all 50 states. Once you have corrected your status, you will be able to move all your accounts over to the new banking system. In the meantime, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your money. Your state assembly can help you with this information.

To correct your status the costs include recording - $25.00, publishing - $25.00, and $50.00 for your Credential Card.
If you are in genuine need, the recording and publishing fees can be waived. 

Once you are out and have gained your freedom, stay out of their jurisdiction. Stay out of their courts. Their courts are not for American Nationals or American Citizens (living men and women on the land and soil jurisdiction). Their courts are for corporations, set up to negotiate contractual issues. Living men and women will not get justice or peace when dealing with maritime courts, they are completely foreign to living people. Living men and women are not in the same jurisdiction as maritime courts.

Would you go into another country’s court system and expect them to use the English language? Would you expect the laws of your country to be respected by their country? It won’t happen, if you were in another country’s court system, you would need to submit to their language and their laws.

The maritime courts are maritime jurisdiction and deal only in contractual disputes. Maritime courts are foreign to the land and soil jurisdiction. Maritime courts are for “corps” like “corpses, non-living entities,” not for living men and women.

Men and women on the land and soil can declare the status of American State Citizen vs. American State National. Both are men and women on the land and soil. But American State Citizens can participate in setting up our courts, which are called Common law courts, which been dormant for over 50 years. Living men and women can only find justice in our lawful courts, which is due all men and women. 

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