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The Connecticut Assembly is a State of the Union, and a member of the Federation of States, a lawful and peaceable State Assembly guaranteed by both Federal Constitutions. The primary role of the Assembly is to get organized as a government for our State of the Union, with the main objective to cooperatively and amicably focus on state and county business at hand. 

Connecticut was admitted to the union of states on January 9th 1788
. Our states of the Union are all members of the federation of states. The Connecticut Assembly along with 50 State Assemblies are peacefully working to reconstruct our lawful government, dormant for over 150 years.

We are Connecticuters (or other birth states) and our State of the Union is Connecticut and it is a member of the Federation of States.
 We are the State Assembly that is guaranteed the right to peaceably assemble. 

We are actively working to help others “come home to the-land-and soil,”
 the traditional American government and the land and the soil are linked together, forever, inextricably since 1776.

The Connecticut Assembly aims to teach people self governance, which requires developing skills many people may not have or have not thought about.  We can help you learn how you have been misidentified, what that means, why it matters and how to correct your status. We are here to help and encourage you to join us in restoring The Connecticut State Assembly and Common Law government. 

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Who We Are

- Living Men & Women
- Friends
- Fathers
- Mothers
- Grandparents
- Your neighbors
- Pro American
- Truth seekers
- Justice seekers
- Peaceable
- Self-Governing
- Respectful

The Connecticut Assembly is Focused

 The Connecticut Assembly is focused on the peaceful restoration of our lawful government, state and county business at hand and helping people like you, return to the-land-and-soil. We are organized and efficient with how we utilize our time, there is a lot to do.
Once you correct your status you can make a difference too, when you choose to participate in your Assembly. Nationality is a birthright, Assembly partipication is a choice.  
However, please read the following to understand, Who We Are Not:

Who We Are Not

The Assembly is not:
- Not a National Assembly - See Side Note*
- Not a political party
- Not extremists
- Not a religious organization
- Not conspiracy theorists
- Not looking for profit
- Not a ‘battered Americans support group’
- Not a get ‘out-of-jail-free-card’ for resolving pre-existing legal issues

- Not a private club, it is a public body
- Not a place for venting and unloading your personal problems
- Not for “Angry Bulls” who just want to roar and fight
- Not for Gossip, slander, complainers and time-wasters

We Do Not

We do not promote or condone any insurrection or secessionist activity or violence of any kind.

*Not a National Assembly

There are other entities rampaging around claiming to be the National Assembly or other kinds of assemblies and are leading people in the wrong direction. 



A lawful Assembly guaranteed by both Federal Constitutions, must be a State of the Union and a Member of the Federation of States. BOTH!

Confusion about assemblies
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Ready to Correct Your Status and Come Home?

Chief Justice Anna Von Reitz

Anna Von Reitz

The contents and essence of this website would not have been possible without the commitment and tenacity of Anna Von Reitz, The Living Law Firm and her talented extended team. Thank you all so much for your dedication and all you continue to do!

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