Our Historic Journey

Restoring our lawful government
of the People, by the People, and for the People

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The Connecticut Assembly

Welcome home to the Connecticut Land and Soil Jurisdiction!

The Connecticut Assembly is a State of the Union and a member of the Federation of States with a guaranteed right to peaceably assemble. Populated by courageous and peaceful living men and women, with properly corrected and declared political statuses as American State Nationals / American State Citizens of The United States of America (unincorporated).

The Connecticut Assembly is restoring the Connecticut Land and Soil Jurisdiction and the Common law (public law) court system, which resolves disputes through truth, justice and honor, with full disclosure.  This is a historic journey of the reconstruction never started after the Civil War, to peaceably restore the lawful government inactive for over 150 years, exactly as our forefathers created, of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Learn the benefits of reclaiming your American Birthright and awareness to foreign-owned corporations fraudulently masquerading as our government. These foreign entities infiltrated our schools, communities, political offices, monetary system, military and influential businesses, intentionally inverting the government power structure, and committting massive crimes against generations of Americans.

The Connecticut Assembly is helping you to learn the truth and properly declare your true American political status, which matters more than you may realize.

Did You Know?

“US Citizens” cannot own physical land because they are presumed to be tenants not landlords. In all cases where “US Citizens” not ‘American Nationals,’ live in homes or on land in this country, they only have tenant rights, even if they have paid off their Mortgages.

When Property Taxes (rent forever) are not paid, you lose your property, but when you declare on the Public Record you are an ‘American National,’ it all changes.

‘American Nationals’ not employed by the government do not have to pay Federal Income Taxes. Revocation of Election (to pay taxes) by US Congress

Corporations cannot Address living people unless men/women are tricked into admitting they are artificial persons? No government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.

The Pledge of Allegiance is an undisclosed entrapment into contract ceding authority to represent the individual inhabitants and the American Republic to “the United States of America” similar to what happens when an unwary individual hires a lawyer to “represent” them and “stand for” them in a court.

Your Identity was stolen at birth via the Birth Certificate. An infant decedent estate has been established in your ALL CAPS NAME, and has been used to conduct business in your NAME(S).

Kent Falls Brook, Connecticut
Kent Falls Brook, Connecticut

Are you a US Citizen or an American State National?

United States Citizen
American State National

Government Power Structure

The “acting US Government” is a foreign owned and operated corporation and it wants to own you!  

Corporate Government
Power Flow
Government%20Power%20Structure inverted.jpeg
Power Flow
Government%20Power%20Structure 1.jpeg

When the power structure is inverted, a small number of people at the top hold all the power…instead of “We the People” where it belongs!

Norwich, Connecticut
Norwich, Connecticut

What’s The Remedy?

Individual level

    • Don’t be lied to/duped, having your identity and assets stolen anymore

    • Live free & peacefully as a living Man/Woman on the land and soil 

    • Don’t owe State or Federal Income Taxes

    • Discharge all your debt via National Credit, we are the creditors of national debt

    • Don’t be divided as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or US Citizen

    • Correct your Political Status to an American State National

    Community level

    • Be active in your Connecticut Land & Soil Assembly

    •  Step up as an American State Citizen to hold office

    • Help finish the original Reconstruction and restore the Republic

    • Help reconstruct our Lawful Government and Peacekeeping Officers

    • Help reconstruct our Common Law Courts in the Land Jurisdiction

    • Manage our Employees such as; Politicians, MUNICIPAL workers, and other Public Servants…

      Uphold the Public Law and Keep the Peace

Together We Are Stronger!

The Connecticut Assembly can help! 

Ready to learn the truth?

Many Americans do not know they were misidentified almost from birth and have been trafficked into a foreign political status and victims of Identity theft. You can address this unlawful conversion, and reclaim your American Birthright and your Connecticut Assembly can help!

The path to freedom is knowing the truth of who you are, and what you are not, and reclaiming your American Birthright. Click on “Correct Your Status” for an Overview and to learn more.